jueves, 16 de septiembre de 2010

High Resistance

Today is the 16th of September.  The other day I increased the guage of one of my cables and it seemed to prevent further vaporization of my cables so far.  I was noticing that my return to the negative terminal was overheating rather quickly.  I decided to patch all my negative returns to an aluminum plate and then through the circuit again and finally back through the aluminum plate and then the negative terminal of the 12 volt battery that I am using.  The result:  I have managed to reduce some of the overheating problems in the negative wire. With that said, however, I am getting equal heating in the positive lead as well as the negative although not as drastic as before.  Even with this overheating partially resolved, I am still pondering why my 110 volt neon lamp is not kicking on.  That´s it for now.  Thanks.  Sirius8ly

viernes, 10 de septiembre de 2010

Some Progress and More Frustrations

I am posting these photos in the hopes that an electrical engineer who can guess what it is I am trying to do, will throw me a line and help me to understand why my cables keep burning up in a fine vapor.  Thank you.

viernes, 11 de junio de 2010

Why Anti-Gravity?

Some have asked me why in am involved in gravity shielding research or have taken such an interest in it.  It all started with my own personal sighting that I experienced in 1999.  It was either June or July in 1999 and I was viewing the night sky with my 8 inch reflector telescope.  When I am observing, I see many satellites passing overhead as well as planes and helicopters in the distance.  I had been observing for the last two years and feel that I have a pretty good eye for identifying objects in the sky.  That is until this particular night.  As I was trying to put an astronomical object into the view finder of my telescope, I noticed a satellite approaching in a normal satellite trajectory.  This satellite was traveling as fast as satellites usually travel, around 30,000 miles per hour (correct me if I am wrong, someone.) and then something odd happened.  This object was about 42 degrees up from the horizon and clearly in earth orbit.  As it came directly in front of where I was viewing, it began to slow down and then stop.  this object then faded and then reappeared approximately 20 degrees to the left of its original position.  After that, it simply faded from visibility.  The night was clear and starry.  I could see this object moving in relation to the background stars and there were no trees nor clouds to obstruct my view. If you know anything about satellites, you understand that in orbit, you can not stop with out entering into earth's atmosphere and then of course you would burn up. It is just impossible for a satellite to come to a dead stop in space, at least not with out the control of a pilot or a remote ground operator.

My first thought was that it was a UFO and even at that time, I defined it as such.  Unidentified Flying Object.  I didn't first go to aliens.  My first thought was MILITARY.  But whose? I had the deepest sense that it was operated by humans and it was from there that I became interested in this phenomenon.  I have been researching this subject ever since and of course have to make adjustments to my thinking often as new theories and evidence comes forward. 

It is now 2010 and until then, I have not really talked about what I had witnessed to many people as to avoid being treated as a loon.  I have found, however, something which validates exactly what I saw and feel compelled to share it with you in this blog.  I came across a YouTube video which shows exactly what I saw in that summer month.  A ufologist by the name of Ed Grimsley captured many hours of video of the type of craft that I saw and many others using night vision scopes and video cameras.  The link is as follows:

I hope you take the time to view it and let me know what you think. 

Now on to circuits.  I am not a very patient person and I needed to move forward with my project so I decided on a Bendini Circuit to handle the main functions of my coils.  I hope that the person I spoke with earlier will help me to design a bigger and better one with a higher frequency capacity. But for the time being, I will have to be satisfied with the Bendini Circuit.  That is all for today.  Please write me and let me know how your project is going.  Thank you.

sábado, 22 de mayo de 2010

Where are my circuits?

I have made a request to someone to help me with the circuits to this device and finally one of the electric engineers that I contacted, contacted me via email the other night.  I will keep his name confidential unless he gives me permission to release it as to avoid him being ridiculed.  He is in his final weeks in his masters in electrical engineering and as you know, any true academic wanting to get publicly involved in this line of work runs the risk of ridicule.  It is only once this person has success that he or she can show his or her work.  This is also when people come out of the wood work and say, "I believed in him all along." 

Back to the electric engineer.  He was asking me a series of questions like, what am I basing my beliefs that this project will work, what do I know about electricity, chemical compositions, etc.  I must say that I rather enjoyed all the questions he was asking as it gave me a chance to elaborate on what I do know and express without shame the stuff I do not know.  The stuff I don't know is the best as it gives me the greatest opportunity to learn and discover new things.  It reminds me of something that the chief scientist at Lockheed Martin said during an interview with David Sereda.  I won't try to quote him exactly but it went something like: If you know something, I don't want to talk to you as "It" is already in production but if you wonder about something, if you are curious, now we have a wonderful place to start.  I admit I am horrible with quotes so if I really botched it, I am sorry. 

In my last blog, I didn't elaborate much on the gravity shielding coil and I make a lot of assumptions regarding who is reading this blog.  I assume that if you are interested in anti-gravity, you probably did a lot of research into anti-gravity before coming upon my blog.  I also made the assumption that you have watched tons of videos and read mountains of web pages and or books related to the field.  Well as my father always used to say, "when you assume, you make an Ass out of you and me (ass U me)."  Here is where I make my apology and try to shed some light on what it is I am doing.  My coils are arranged in a configuration so as to direct the electromagnetic energy from the top to the bottom and then recycle the same energy up through the top again.  Although I do not totally understand the mathematics of Lentz Law, I am attempting to utilize the principles throughout this apparatus.  As the electromagnetic fields are smashing into one another and growing at odd angles, the magnetic fields will be in a constant battle to correct themselves.  This battle will result in an energy that has to go somewhere.  This force is unseen and begins at the sub-atomic level where even the materials that I am using will undergo a subtle change.  When the battle for change becomes too great around the area of the device, I am hoping to see either levitation or more realistic, a small change in weight. 

Speaking of weight loss, I have plans once the device is charged with the appropriate circuitry to take this to a nearby university and use one of their scientific scales.  If I can prove that this device is indeed exhibiting a loss in weight, I will have the proof I need to take this experiment to phase two.  Phase two is where I build a duplicate model but twice the size.  Using the same circuitry and same amount of power, connect it to the larger device.  If this shows an exponential weight loss, then I have enough proof to ask for funding and build the full size version which can be either car sized or better.  

I did want to take this opportunity to ask that if any other electric engineer wants to volunteer his or her thoughts and lend a hand, please post your comments here and let me know how we can be in contact. 

I know that there is much more that I have not included in this blog but as I know how to put into words what is in my mind, I will share more. 

Thank you for reading.
Sirius 8 light years

lunes, 17 de mayo de 2010

Main Drive Gravity Shielding unit complete

I am pretty darn excited.  I finished the main coils today and now await the electric circuit component to finalize this project.  I struggled with the design for some time the other night and I couldn't help but feel something was missing.  I went over some of my notes and did some more research on the subject and was able to include into the design what I felt was missing.  In the final aspect of the design, I included a coil of silicone steel with a regular magnetic coil.  This may or may not be the only element I add as I am still in the experimental phase.  I would love to incorporate the rodin coil if it becomes necessary and/or a ferro fluid for a different type of anti-grav effect.  I am getting ahead of myself for the moment so I will stop here and just show you the photo of the drive unit without the connectors or the Nav control.  Maybe in a later blog I will include a 3d rendering of the navigation controls and how they are incorporated into the design.  Ok, I'll shut up now and just let you look at the photo.  Thank you and good night.
Sirius 8 light years

domingo, 16 de mayo de 2010

The work has now begun

Well, the work on my coils has now begun and I wanted to share the photos and invite you to view the video I finally recorded and submitted to youtube.  The link is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ATgmEin0xLg and I am also going to post it along side the blogs.  You can also go to youtube and type in Anti-gravity coil and find it there.  So, pictures are worth more than a thousand words so I will simply post them and let you comment about them or ask me to specify if there is any doubts.  Thank you.  Sirius8ly

viernes, 14 de mayo de 2010

What, 2010 and no anti-gravity yet!?

What, 2010 and no anti-gravity yet!?

Here we are in the year 2010 and we still (as the general public) do not have anti-gravity. Why? As I was walking home from work and passing in front of the National Auditorium in Mexico City, I couldn’t help but notice the grandiosity of it. After noticing the grandeur of the auditorium, I took notice of the surrounding skyscrapers. This made me wonder, if the people could coordinate an effort of this magnitude to erect such large structures or buildings, why then could we, as the general public not work together to create a ship capable of electro-gravitic propulsion?

Putting aside the fact that we do have the technology, albeit in secret, I believe the reason is that we, as a society, are being dumbed down. We have many things to discourage us from believing that this (anti-gravity) is even possible. Tactics such as disinformation is a powerful weapon to confuse us. The military and our own governments attempt to convince us that they do not possess this technology and later plant in one way or another that these ships that people are indeed witnessing must use extra-terrestrial technology. They then, with the same breath of air say that extra-terrestrials do not exist. Look at George Orwell’s 1984. I believe that they called that “double speak”. Next is what I like to call text book science. This is a confusing message sent to our youth perpetrated by unknowing, well intentioned teachers. This text book science tells our youth to discover, discover, discover yet subtly has them believe that all there is in the text book is the limit to science. They put up the imaginary wall without even saying there is a wall ahead. I don’t blame these teachers. They had the same teachers that did it to them. Scientists come upon this limit in two ways. 1.) There job only requires that they use what they know and nothing more. 2.) If a scientist suggests that this limit can be penetrated, he or she is subjected to ridicule which could have the consequence of him or her loosing work, credibility, or both.

Humans are incredible creatures. We are fragile entities yet powerful when put together for a common goal. Really, there is nothing we can’t do when we are truly unified. Just imagine that instead of coordinating an effort to erect a large building, we banded together to build a large ship based on electro-gravitic propulsion.

In closing, I leave you with this. The sky is not the limit but just a thin layer of light blue on a sunny day and nothing more.